The country is currently witnessing a widespread protest by the farmers, over the newly passed law and bill. It is mostly in North India that the farmers are staging daily demonstrations.

Meanwhile, it has led to numerous reactions from various personalities across genres in the nation. Interestingly, the issue has even boiled down to Bollywood celebrities.

It was recently actress Kangana Ranaut who has got herself into a fight on Twitter over the issue with singer-cum-actor Diljit Dosanjh. Kangana called out Diljit for misidentifying an older woman as one of the organisers for Delhi's Shaheen Bagh demonstration over the recent controversial Citizen's Amendment Act (CAA).

It all started after Diljit's very video post on Twitter, to which Kangana reacted. She followed it up with another tweet. Nonetheless, Diljit hit back at Kangana, asking her to stop encouraging tension by manipulating facts.

Here is the series of the tweets: