The Bangalore Days, Om Shanti Oshaana actress Nazriya has been away from the silver screen post her marriage to Fahadh in 2014. As Nazriya is popular with the young generation, whenever the couple is caught by the public the one question asked is will Nazriya never act again?

However, last year Fahadh was seen saying that Nazriya has not been locked inside the house. She is free and will be acting in a movie soon. He said that the couple wanted some we time and were trying to settle down in their new life as a newly married couple. However, Nazriya has not confirmed the news nor has negated it.

Her latest FB post, where the actress is posing with the T&M blue silk gown has lost all the flab and was seen with makeup on.

Is this a hint the actress is ready to hit the big screen?