It seems Telugu megastar Chiranjeevi's younger daughter Sreeja might have to face a legal battle yet again. 

According to reports, Sreeja's ex-husband Sirish Bharadwaj has accused Chiranjeevi and Sreeja of not allowing his daughter Nivruthi to meet her biological father. Also, Sirish has requested the court to allow him to take Nivruthi to his home permanently as Sreeja has got remarried. 


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Sirish has approached the court and filed a petition, accusing Chiranjeevi, Sreeja and the family of not allowing him to meet his daughter. 

Sreeja had got secretly married to her classmate Sirish in 2007 and got divorced in 2011. The reason for the separation was domestic harassment. Nivruthi is currently staying with her mother after the court gave Sreeja the rights to keep the child.

In 2016, Sreeja got remarried to actor Kalyan Kanuganti in a grand ceremony. Since then Sreeja and Nivruthi have been staying with Kalyan. 

Meanwhile, there has been no official statement from Chiranjeevi's family if the reports regarding the new custodian battle are true.