Writer-turned-model and Malayalam actress Gilu Joseph is grabbing the headlines for appearing on a prominent women's magazine cover, breastfeeding a baby. 

Gilu has acted in films such as Adam Joan (2017), Thrissivaperoor Kliptham (2017) and Ottamuri Velicham (2017). This is the first time in Kerala that a woman has been featured breastfeeding on the cover of a popular magazine. 

"Breastfeeding is a natural phenomenon. It should not be sexualised," reports quoted Gilu as saying. "My body is my pride and my right. I don't care what label I get for it," she added.


With the cover, Gilu has made a strong political statement, breaking social norms associated with breastfeeding. Majority of social media users have praised Gilu for the bold decision. 

"Respect you dear gilu joseph. Hats off to the team Grihalakshmi Magazine for this cover. Change should start from one! Yes you made it," said one of the comments on Facebook.

"No mode of obscenity here... Only platonic love of Mom towards her child (SIC)," commented another Facebook user.