Being an outsider was never an easy option for producer Sandeep Agarwal who came to Mumbai with a dream to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Today, he is a proud owner of a well-known production house named Balaji Film Line Production, a production management services company providing production coordination support to both national and international feature films, TV commercials & series.

Currently, with the whole outsiders versus insiders debate in Bollywood gaining momentum, producer-director Sandeep Agarwal went ahead to shares his journey of being an outsider who made a place for himself in the entertainment world. He says, "The struggle was real but I learned a lot from every failure. I came to Mumbai with a dream in my eyes and started it with my company Balaji film line production company. My venture supports and provides assistance for indoor and outdoor shoots and also provides everything they need in the making of a movie from security to types of equipment. Now, I am not putting my hand into direction too, it’s always about the experience I want to have".

He further adds, "Being an outsider, I have learned a lot from this industry. It has been a brilliant experience so far with all kinds of ups and downs. Getting an opportunity to work with the talented minds from the industry has only helped me in shaping up my craft and become better with each passing day". 

As a line producer, Sandeep has worked on more than 80 Bollywood projects and many other Television commercials till date. 

Apart from being one of the prominent personalities in the entertainment industry, Sandeep Agarwal is also a well-established entrepreneur and director in chief of Balaji Granites and Marbles which is a big name in the marble industry.

Sandeep is currently working on his upcoming projects and simultaneously juggling between his production house and entrepreneurial ventures. He is surely one of the successful personalities in the industry who has made it to the top on his own.