Avika Gor gives reason for not getting film offers

First Published 20, Sep 2017, 6:42 PM IST
Avika Gor gives reason for not getting film offers in Telugu
  • Balika Vadhu heroine Avika Gor became a heroine in Telugu with her debut film Uyyala Jumpala
  • But she is not receiving many film offers though she succeeded winning the affection of the audience
  • She claims that some film industry elders are the cause for her lack of films in Telugu

Hindi child actress Avika Gor of Balika Vadhu fame debuted Telugu film industry with Uyyala Jumpala beside Raj Taran. She won the appreciation and affection of the Telugu audience and successfully acted in Lakshmi Rave Maa Intiki, Sinema Chupistha Maava and Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada.

News that she took a break to continue her studies has been doing the rounds. However, Avika said that it was not the reason for her not acting in Telugu films but that some film industry elders are hindering her film offers.

She said that those elders approach the directors and producers to stop her acting in their Telugu films. But Avika didn’t reveal the names of the elders.

Viewers are now wondering which elders have such hatred for Avika. As for Avika, she is now busy trying for offers in Bollywood.