A write up on the which show the world from women’s point of view on the occasion of Women’s Day.


One film which set a new trend paving the way for the women-oriented movies is Mehboob Khan’s Mother India, which became the first Indian film to be nominated for the Oscars. The protagonist of the film Nargis, who played the role of Radha was a mirror to the women power. In the so-called artistic movies, Smitha Patil starring films including Bhoomika, Chakra, Ardha Satya also came on the screens. Shabana Azmi and Rekha too became the face of women-centric movies. However, stars like Hema Malini and Sridevi made their presence strongly felt at the filmy market. 



In a good development, the women-centric movies are also joining the 100 crore club, in the recent days. 
Kangana Ranaut in the film Queen, Priyanka Chopra in Fashion, Anushka Sharma in NH 10 have played the strong roles and surely are a stand in the top list of actors.
In Kannada, there are many women-oriented films. Puttanna Kanagal can be called as the man who made films where women were the protagonist. Be it Sharapanjara, Gejjepooje, Masanada Hoo, Manasa Sarovara or Ranganayaki, Puttanna paved the way for an alternate cinema which was consumed by the mass as well as the class audience of the Karnataka.


Kalpana, Bharathi, Arathi, Jayanthi, Padma Vasanthi and other actresses became the face of Kannada cinema through Puttanna’s movies.
Girish Kasaravalli, director of the international fame, have tried to unleash the women power. His movies Thayi Saheba, Haseena, Dweepa, Gulabi Talkies are an example portraying the trend.


Kiragoorina Gayyaligalu

Kiragoorina Gayyaligalu directed by a woman director Suman Kittoor is a pakka woman-centric movie. Brilliantly directed the movie is about four women who take care of their family and the village with responsibility and grit. The story was written by writer Poornachandra Tejaswi. 
In Pawan Kumar’s U-Turn, too women were the protagonists of the film.  In the 90s Kavita Lankesh’s Deviri is one of the vital films on the experimental basis. 
In the 1980s there were many films where women played the protagonists. In the film Seetha Ramu, Manjula; in Dhairyalakshmi, Lakshmi; in Ranachandi, Radha; in Bhadrakali, Mahalakshmi; in Benkiyalli Aralida Hoovu, Suhasini; in Swathi, Sudharani were not the female leads of these films but were the protagonists.
Actors Shashikumar, Sridhar, Sunil, Ramkumar, Abhijith and Ajay were seen as heroes in most of these women-oriented films.


Lady commissioner

Malashri is one star in Kannada film industry, who outgrew the hero in most of her movies. She made her name in the action-oriented films. Scripts were written for her taste. She took the audience by awe with her movies like Lady Commissioner, SP Bhargavi, where she played the police officer. Last year, the film Ganga, where Malashri played the action-heroine won a State award too.


If Malashri made her name in the action-based movies, Shruthi won people’s heart with her tears. She entered the filmdom with the film Shruthi directed by Dwarakish, which was also a female-oriented film. Another such film which gave the necessary break to Shruthi was Ranjitha.
Recently, actress Ragini Dwivedi was seen donning the role of police officer. Her recently released movie Ragini IPS saw average success in the box office. However, Malashri continues to rule the screen with her action-based films even to this day.


Lady Amitabh


Telugu actress Vijayashanthi is known as Lady Amitabh. In the 90s scripts were written to the taste of Vijayashanthi and most of them were action films. She has always been loved for her roles as an officer or a rebel against the system and criminals. 90% of her films were being dubbed in Hindi and North Indian languages. 


Between the 1960s and 70s, actors Jamuna and Savithri had an important place in the Telugu movies, whereas in Tamil films Sarita, Jayanthi and Sarojadevi ruled the screen. In Malayalam, Sharada and Sheela played the women protagonists.


Recently, in Tamil and Telugu women are shining in the horror movies. Charmi Kaur, Trisha, Anushka Shetty and others have become the key to the box office.