Kanooru Heggadathi, one of the milestone movies of Kannada was released in the year 1999. During the making of the movie in Thirthahalli, a tensed situation was being shot and well-known actor, and writer Girish Karnad was directing the film, and was also playing the lead role of Chandregowda. This story revolves around the wig that was designed and made for the role Karnad played.

It was night. Even at 8.30, the shooting was going on. The location was a dense forest, and it looked as if it may rain anytime. It was the last shot of the day, and the director Karnad had made up his mind to complete the shooting of the day. Else it would have impacted the continuity of the scene.

Thus the entire set was on their toe, and it was time to place the wig on the head of the actor. Being the main make-up person, Ramakrishna ran towards the actor with an assistant carrying the wig.

It was pitch dark, and literally, nothing was visible. Ramakrishna did not have the heart to call the artiste to where he was standing. So in the dark both started pacing towards the actor and as there was no time, as soon as they reached the spot, the assistant placed the wig on Girish Karnad's head. Though not able to see the head or the wig properly, Ramakrishna fixed the wig and ran out of the shooting field.

Not even two minutes had passed the assistant told something which almost gave a heart attack to Ramakrishna. “I have placed the wig in the wrong direction,” the assistant told Ramakrishna. But by then even the take was okayed.

As everyone knows Girish Karnad is quite strict and getting a scene okayed by the director is the most important thing. As soon as there was okay, the director announced ‘Pack Up’. Ramakrishna did not have the courage, to tell the truth to the director at this juncture.

Assistant’s mistake had made Ramakrishna suffer for many days as he could not tell this to anyone.

Now it was the day of the release of the movie. Ramakrishna entered the theatre with fear, but as the scene came on the scene, everyone was happy. Because it was shot in the dark and the head and the wig was not seen correctly. Everyone congratulated Ramakrishna for the brilliant make-up.

This was a secret for years together till Ramakrishna told it to me.