The Central Hall on Wednesday was half empty. Members of Parliament seemed to have preferred to eat lunch in their residence, thanks to the hot, humid and sultry weather. Still, there was plenty of drama to be witnessed in the Central Hall, which would make screaming headlines for sure. 

JC Diwakar Reddy, the TDP MP from Anantapur who became infamous thanks to his 'rowdy' behaviour to Indigo staff in an airport, was the hero of the Hall. Reddy was surrounded by many TDP MPs - including C Ramesh and Union Minister Sukana Choudhary, as he held an emotional scene. 

Diwakar was heard questioning the TDP leadership for not supporting him over the 'harassment' he got at Visakhapatnam airport last month. Diwakar Reddy told his TDP colleagues that he was ready to resign as Member of Parliament and was sure of getting re-elected from Anantapur. 

"Let me submit my resignation, I am being humiliated by a private airlines staff," he thundered to all listening. Interestingly, though visuals show Reddy having quite a meltdown in the airport, including tossing a printer, Reddy said he fought for human rights. Not only that of MPs, he added, but individual citizens. 

"What to do? Chandrababu Naidu is not supporting me, leaving me in a lurch. I have no option but to submit my resignation." he complained. Before the commotion could truly go out of hand, some TDP MPs took Diwakar Reddy out of the Central Hall, perhaps just in time. 

His Excellency, the new President

Central Hall is getting spruced up for swearing in ceremony of the new presumptive President of India - Ram Nath Kovind. Indeed, even new carpets are now being laid. Ram Nath Kovind will have a busy schedule from tomorrow.

By 1130 hours on July 20 Thursday, the President poll results will be announced. And as is widely expected, Kovind will be confirmed as President. Once the result is declared, the first visitor to President-elect Ram Nath Kovind will be Cabinet Secretary PK Sinha, followed by a stream of officials, who will start their briefings.

Union Home Secretary Rajiv Maharshi will accompany the Cabinet Secretary to give a presentation about the swearing-in ceremony of the President in the Central Hall. On the military front, A unit of the President's bodyguard from the Indian Army will take up a position at 10 Akbar Road - Where Ram Nath Kovind is currently residing. 

The return of Irani

The Central Hall was echoing an interesting political gossip - About the changes of power centres in the BJP and the re-emergence of the once sidelined Smriti Irani. PM Modi has allotted the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to Smriti Irani.

This is a signal to those who speculated that in 2019, Smriti Irani would be the BJP's candidate to contest against Rahul Gandhi in Amethi. When she came to the Central Hall, many wished her and sought her views on issues, but she was not ready to react immediately. 

She said she would wait for officials to brief her first - then she will comment on political questions.

Smriti Irani speaks six languages. She is fluent in Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, English and Parsi dialect. She is a daredevil and will surely give a tough fight to Rahul Gandhi.