A secret energy booster drink that Vishnuvardhan enjoyed!

opinion | Monday, September 18th, 2017
Shashidhar Chitradurga

He is 'Sahasa Simha' to crores of Kannada moviegoers and 'Dada' to his legion of fans. Though many names define Sandalwood actor Vishnuvardhan, he is simply a humble actor and a dear friend, vouch for many in the Sandalwood. On his birth anniversary, noted director HR Bhargava who has directed 22 movies with Vishnuvardhan (the highest with any actor) fondly recalls two incidents that he spent with the actor.

HR Bhargava

It was during the shooting of 'Bhootayyana Maga Ayyu' directed by Siddalingaiah. The whole crew had landed at Kalasapura, a small village in Chikmagalur district. Vishnu - as he is called - was perhaps just four films old in which he had played the protagonist. So, Vishnu arrived at the spot with a suitcase. The accommodation was provided for the crew members at the village. "Vishnu, I and five more members stayed together in a house. We had so much fun over there. We used to drink milk every day. Interestingly, we would mix all kinds of milk powder - not just one - in the milk and would gulp it down. Till now, I have no clue, why we got hooked into such practice. But that was our energy drink - a mix of all protein powder - before we begin our shooting!

Vishnu was very particular about the action scenes. During the shooting of 'Onde Guri' that was being shot at Premiere Studios in Mysuru, Vishnu was adamant that he would do the fight sequence all by himself. This involved him to enter a hall breaking a glass shield. I was hesitant considering the risk factor that it involved. But Vishnu was firm on his mind.

So, as the camera started rolling, Vishnu made a bang, jumped into a hall by breaking the glass shield. I ran to see if he was alright. To my horror, Vishnu had a cut on his thigh, and he was bleeding. I rushed to arrange a doctor. But Vishnu pulled me back saying "Don't call the doctor now. He may suggest stitches. This would disturb the shooting. Just give me some first aid and I would be fine," Vishnu said. I was speechless at Vishnu's words. I could not help but think that Vishnu did not forget his hard days, even after he became a Super Star! He always put the film first before himself.  

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