His teenager went on running Minecraft server to earn so that he can become a self sustaining person in his life. He has earned a lot but it was a roller coaster ride as he had to bear losses as well in this venture. But he learnt a lot and soon entered into Venture Capital embarking with its firm known Oleda Capital. He helped local businesses and local groups to invest in different domains and turn stakeholders there. Soon he was able to embark upon his next venture called WinBobux. It is a platform, which helps people promote their apps and in return get paid in the form of gaming currency called Robux.

He helps brands and companies to promote using this platform. Then came up with his media agency called PriorPublic that helped in advertising ads and promoting brands. He was able to chalk out several marketing strategies for different brands to give them effective promotion and marketing solutions. He with this combat collaborated with groups like AdGatemedia and Offertoro to make his services more effective for his clients. His future plans intend to go a long way allowing people to promote themselves the best in the tough market.