The gruesome video footage in two clips was available on the man’s Facebook page for over a day before it was removed. People could access two videos of the child's murder on his Facebook page for roughly 24 hours before they were removed around 5pm on Tuesday.

Thai man Wuttisan Wongtalay tied a rope around his daughter Natalie's neck before dropping her, from the  building rooftop somewhere in  Phuket. The image of her body hanging limp in a bright pink dress sent the viewers into shock. And relatives of the baby got to know of the gruesome way she died through Facebook videos. Wuttisan then committed suicide.

When police arrived on the scene they found his body next to his daughter’s. Initial investigation and talks with the mother of Natalie revealed that things were not all okay between the couple. It is reported that Wuttisan used to hit wife, Jiranuch Triratana and become violent towards their children after a year of marriage. Reports say that he was paranoid that his wife was going to leave him and that she did not love him.

The killing was the first in Thailand known to be broadcast on the social networking site. Police are attributing the incident to the growing instances of such things being shown on Facebook globally. However, it is both ironical and distressing that  the first video had drawn 112,000 views while the second video racked up 258,000 views. Death has now become a spectacle.

Even in India you have had cases of youth live-streaming their suicides on Facebook. However, other than take the videos down, the company has not been able to address this problem of graphic and violent content ending up on people’s pages.