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Russian man uses ChatGPT to match with over 5,000 women on Tinder; credits AI for eventually finding wife

The article delves into how a Russian man, Alexander Zhadan, used artificial intelligence, specifically ChatGPT, to facilitate connections on Tinder, ultimately leading to his proposal and relationship with his now-wife.

Russian man uses ChatGPT to match with over 5,000 women on Tinder; credits AI for eventually finding wife snt
First Published Feb 5, 2024, 5:25 PM IST

In a unique and unconventional twist, a Russian man, Alexander Zhadan, has recently claimed that artificial intelligence (AI) played a significant role in not only helping him meet his now-wife but also in advancing their relationship. Zhadan took to X, formerly Twitter, to share his extraordinary journey, revealing that he utilized ChatGPT, a language model developed by OpenAI, to run a Tinder bot that facilitated connections with over 5,000 women on the dating app.

In a series of posts on X, Zhadan disclosed that after communicating with numerous matches through the ChatGPT-powered bot, he proposed to the girl with whom the AI had been interacting on his behalf for a year. The process involved the bot matching and communicating with a staggering 5,239 girls before finding what Zhadan describes as "the one."

According to Zhadan, the ChatGPT bot, at times, orchestrated up to six dates a day, showcasing the extent to which AI technology was integrated into his pursuit of love. He admitted to having several variations of the bot, but he ultimately took a hiatus from using it after successfully finding his now-fiancée, Karina.

The 23-year-old detailed how he provided ChatGPT with information about his communication style, training the AI to interact with potential matches in a manner reflective of himself. Zhadan highlighted that the AI bot not only removed undesirable matches but also engaged in small talk, booked dates, and ultimately assisted him in proposing to Karina.

In an interview with the Russian news agency RIA Novosti, Zhadan explained, "I gave ChatGPT information about how I communicate. At first, there were problems because the program didn't know me, it could write some kind of nonsense, but later I trained it to such an extent that it began to interact with girls like me."

Zhadan revealed that he installed filters to identify women with whom he should continue communicating live. Even after meeting Karina in person, he continued using the AI platform to correspond with her. Zhadan expressed that the neural network guided him on where to go with Karina and what to say in various situations.

Remarkably, Karina remained unaware of the AI's involvement in their relationship until after they submitted their applications to the registry office. Zhadan mentioned that his now-wife reacted calmly upon learning the truth about the unconventional role AI played in their love story.

This extraordinary tale raises intriguing questions about the intersection of technology and romance, showcasing how AI can potentially influence and shape the dynamics of modern relationships. Alexander Zhadan's experience serves as a captivating example of the evolving ways in which individuals navigate the complex world of dating and love with the assistance of advanced technologies.

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