Dutch PM mops the spilt coffee in parliament [Viral Video]

world | 06 June 2018 6:53 AM (UTC)
Deepika Jeerla

Prime Minister of Netherlands, Mark Rutte split coffee in the Dutch Parliament, and he cleans up using a mop.

This is Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, who accidentally dropped his coffee cup in Dutch Parliament and instead of waiting for helpers, he himself cleaned up the mess. The video of this Dutch diplomat's humble gesture is going heavily viral on social media, with many commenting on the humility of the Prime Minister


It has certainly won the hearts of many people as such behaviour is barely expected from politicians across the globe. This Prime Minister showed us that even a politician of such stature can become a sweeper, in times of need. The Dutch people are already impressed by his work as he has set an example for every other politician to look up to.

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