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Watch: Video of chimpanzee and tortoise sharing an apple is endearing

An adorable video of a chimpanzee sharing an apple with a tortoise has created ripples on social media.

Watch: Video of chimpanzee and tortoise sharing an apple is endearing - gps
India, First Published Jul 18, 2022, 8:02 PM IST

We may enjoy seeing the relationships between adorable animals of various types on the Internet. But there is nothing like it when those different species cooperate with one another and lead contented lives. A video of a chimpanzee and a tortoise sharing an apple has gone viral on social media and caught the interest of internet users. This film demonstrates how animals are kind beings that express empathy and affection for one another. Animals may communicate with one another without using words.

Like human beings, several animals, including chimpanzees, share food with their dearest friends. Twitter user buitengebieden posted this video micro-blogging site with the caption, "Sharing is caring.. (sic)" The video shows a chimpanzee eating and transferring an apple with its tortoise friend. It looks like the duo enjoyed a beautiful evening in the zoo enclosure. 

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The video received over 7.5 million views and 298 thousand likes when it was uploaded online. The touching video moved netizens, and many shared their feelings in the comments area. A user wrote, "The Chimp feeding this turtle is named Vali and he is next to his brother Sugriva. They are well taken care of but other animals at this facility, eg Bubbles the  baby tigers don't share the same fate. If you only knew what goes on at this facility...Smh... It's a travesty."

Another person remarked, "if human take lesson from this clip and philosophy of kindness, the world become heaven and the poverty uprooted." Take a look.

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