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Elephant sprints to rescue a man from drowning; old video won netizens' hearts

A video of a man drowning as he flowed along the river has emerged on social media. Fortunately, a baby elephant witnesses and runs toward the man to help him.

Elephant sprints to rescue a man from drowning; old video won netizens' hearts - gps
India, First Published Jul 18, 2022, 5:20 PM IST

Digital media is filled with several animal videos, including terrifying, humorous and adorable. There are also videos of animals lovingly interacting with humans. However, there is nothing like it when an animal helps a human under challenging circumstances. An old video of a baby elephant saving a drowning man's life has resurfaced on the Internet and is winning the hearts of netizens all over again. According to sources, this incident occurred in 2016 at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand.

The video shows a man helplessly drowning and flowing along the river while waving for help. In the background, a herd of elephants can be seen approaching the river to cross. Fortunately, a baby elephant witnesses the drowning man and rushes to save him. The baby elephant was seen running in the water to rescue the man and offering him his trunk for support. It is believed that Elephants are one of the most thoughtful and caring animals on this planet earth, and this viral video is proof of that.

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Twitter user and Bombay Stock Exchange CEO Ashish Chauhan posted this video on the micro-blogging site with the caption, "Do we deserve these kind-hearted animal friends?"

After being shared online, the video received over 10.6 million views and 101K likes. The act of compassion has won netizens' hearts, who are also surprised by the jumbo's presence of mind. Social media users were deeply impressed by the baby elephant's timely action. A user wrote, "Animals are true angels; we have much to learn from them." Another person commented, "No, not at all..we can't even compare humans to anyone.. in this world, most selfish is human only." Take a look.

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