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School kids help fruit seller in pushing cart; viral video will make your day

A video of two school-going kids helping a woman fruit seller who was struggling to push her cart has gone viral on social media. The heartwarming video has delighted netizens with everyone pouring out love and admiration for the children.

School kids help fruit seller in pushing cart; viral video will make your day - gps
India, First Published Aug 11, 2022, 1:32 PM IST

Kindness and sympathy are the qualities which make us human beings. People have often shown kindness and empathy toward animals and the person who is in need. However, children are the ones who display these features in the best possible way. One such heartwarming video shows two school children extending a helping hand to a woman fruit seller on the road. 

We have often seen people struggling with many issues on the road. However, have we extended a helping hand to them? No right. Most of the time, after witnessing people struggle, we ignore it. But these kids' kind gestures in the video amazed netizens.

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Twitter handle by name Mahant Adityanath shared this video with the caption (initially written in Hindi),  “Your degree is simply a piece of paper if it is not reflected in your behaviour.”

The video shows a woman struggling to move a loaded fruit cart on an inclined plane. In the video, many people pass nearby, but nobody offers to help the woman despite her struggle. However, two little school-going children extended a helping hand to the fruit seller and pushed the cart on the inclined plane. Towards the end of the video, the woman can be seen awarding the boy and girl with a banana each.

After being shared online, the 30-seconds video collected over 548K views and 32K likes. However, there is not much information about the incident, also when and where this occurred. Social media users applauded the kind gesture of the little kids. A user wrote, "Very nice to see this. Please post similar videos as much as possible. It will bring maturity in the people." Another person commented, "It is good to see that helping hand is offered by kids." Watch the video.

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