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Watch: Reptile effortlessly walking on water leaves netizens surprised; viral video

In a video that is now viral on social media, a lizard is seen jumping from the top of a wooden stick into the water. What captured netizens' attention was the creature walking on the water body. Watch the video here. 

Reptile effortlessly walking on water leaves netizens surprised; viral video - gps
First Published Dec 2, 2022, 6:23 PM IST

There is no shortage of essences in nature to surprise you. Time and again, the beautiful mother earth has mesmerised humankind. One such mind-boggling video of a reptile walking on water has surfaced online and stunned social media users. 

Yes, you might have seen reptiles crawling on the surface. However, can you imagine a lizard casually walking on water? Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda, known for sharing unique animal videos, has shared this clip.

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In the 14-second video that was shared by the IFS officer on the micro-blogging site starts with the lizard jumping off from the end of a wooden stick and into the water body. 

If you think the creature swims or floats in the water body, then you are wrong. The creature stands in the air, flails its hind limbs, and walks on the water's surface. It appears like the reptile attempted to cross the water to rest on the shore.

While defining the unusual sight, the IFS officer scientifically explained how the creature completed the rare stunt in the video's caption. According to Nanda, the surface tension and the force when the water molecules cling together allow the little animal to walk over the water effortlessly. 

With this, the video has gathered over 32K views and 981 likes on social media. What surprised netizens was the reptile's walk over the water body.

While some netizens praised mother nature's incredible creations, others wrote that they could not believe the creature which was walking so effortlessly. 

A user wrote, "You might have seen village boys throwing stones in the ponds or canals and stones crossing by the same jumps." Another person commented, "Effortlessly?" Watch the video.

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