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Men stop vehicle to take selfie with elephant herd; know what happens next

In an attempt to take selfies, two men walk close to the elephant herd. However, one elephant got agitated and started charging the group. Witnessing the jumbo, the men quickly scattered in fear.

Men stop vehicle to take selfie with elephant herd; know what happens next - gps
India, First Published Aug 8, 2022, 11:30 AM IST

One must be highly careful while trekking in the wild. Watching animals in the open is pretty exciting. However, provoking them could be risky. One such video shows a group of people chased by an elephant while taking selfies has emerged on social media. 

Supriya Sahu, Addition Chief Secretary of Environment Climate Change & Forests, Govt of Tamil Nadu, shared a video on her Twitter account. The IAS officer urged netizens to be cautious when approaching wild elephants, warning that the selfie craze with animals could be deadly. Supriya also added that the people in the video were lucky. However, it won't take much time for mighty elephants to teach the group a lesson. 

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The 56-second video starts with a group of people stopping their vehicle very close to the elephant herd while crossing the road. Two men were also seen clicking pictures and selfies with the pack. As the video proceeds, one of the elephants gets uncomfortable and runs toward the group angrily. Fortunately, the group witnessed this and quickly scattered in fear.

After being shared online, the video accumulated over 67K views and 2029 likes. After watching the clip, social media users were furious and expressed that a hefty fine should be imposed on the undisciplined group of men. While a few wrote how the men were saved after the elephant attacked them and did not cause any harm. Others expressed that the forest department should make proper animal corridors to lessen such incidents. 

A user wrote, "What exactly is unpardonable about their behaviour? Maintaining safe distance and silently taking a pic? Add updating the same in Twitter, and that's the job description of Forest Service Officers." Another person commented, "Crazy people.. and then we blame wild animals for any subsequent damage .." Watch the video.

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