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Watch: Man kisses deadly King Cobra on its head; find out what happens next

A viral video showing a man kissing King Cobra from behind to avoid attack has emerged on social media.

Man kisses deadly King Cobra on its head; find out what happens next - gps
India, First Published Apr 16, 2022, 11:50 AM IST

We all know that king cobras are the world's most venomous snakes. If a King Cobra bites you, you won't be able to survive for more than 15 minutes. Because snake poison directly affects the nerve system, even a trace quantity of poison is enough to paralyse a human. Despite this, many brave people rescue or handle snakes.

One such video of a man kissing a wild King Cobra on its head in front of an audience has gone viral. The response of the snake to the surprise kiss will delight you. The man in the clip, identified as Brian Barczyk, famous for handling horrifying snakes and crocodiles, is also seen playing with such creatures.

Instagram user ‘snakebytestv’ posted this video and, in the caption, recommended viewers not to try this. 

A video of a guy kissing the head of a ferocious King Cobra in front of an audience has gone viral. The snake's reaction to the unexpected kiss will amuse you. The man in the video, identified as Brian Barczyk, is known for his work with venomous snakes and crocodiles, and he is also shown playing with such species.

This video was released on Instagram by'snakebytestv,' who advised viewers not to try it.

Brian Barczyk may be seen in the video hiding behind a deadly-looking King Cobra. Brian appears to have opted to kiss the king cobra from behind in order to escape being attacked by it. While he gently kisses on snake’s head, the reptile opens its mouth and prepares to bite. Fortunately, Brian was in the opposite direction of King Cobra.  

Even the second time, he tries to kiss the king cobra, also gets successful as the snake allows him. One can also notice the proud moment between Brian and the man next to him. 

The King Cobra are the longest among all such snakes, usually discovered in the rainforests of Southeast Asia. This type of cobra has a maximum length of 5.85 metres. When the reptile lifts its body, it has the capacity to move forward and attack from a significant distance.

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