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Alligator bites woman’s hand during feeding; here’s what happened next

A terrifying video shows an alligator biting a woman handler while feeding has emerged on social media.

Alligator bites woman's hand during feeding; here's what happened next  - gps
India, First Published Apr 14, 2022, 6:55 PM IST

We all know that Alligators have sharp teeth which they use to catch their prey, kill them and take out the meat. Their jaws are strong enough to smash a turtle’s shell. If alligators grab large prey, they carry it into the water and spin it around, called a ‘death roll.'

Unfortunately, a woman handler feeding an alligator experienced an alligator’s bite and a near-death experience. The woman, identified as Lindsey Bull, hails from Utah (US). After being attacked by an alligator, she fortunately survived with just minor injuries.  

For over three years, the woman was handling the 11-year-old alligator Darth Gator. The video shows the handler feeding an alligator in front of a group of children assembled for a tour—initially, the alligator bit woman's hand. However, she cannot get her hand out fast enough when she pushes the alligator back into the water.

One can also listen the kid’s voice who was watching behind the protective glass, yelling ‘Mommy’ as the alligator chomped on her hand. When the alligator began to death roll with her in the water, there were high chances of a woman losing her hand if she didn’t roll with him.

Finally, one of their group members, who has the experience of handling pythons, jumped into the tank, sat on the alligator’s back and held it down. This led the alligator to open its jaws and releases the woman handler’s hand.

The reptile’s bite was so severe that one of the tendons in her wrist back and chipped a tiny bone in her thumb.

After being shared online, the video has accumulated over 332K views, and users retweeted it 1471 times.

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