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Watch: Little boy playing with dangerous lions shocked netizens; video goes viral

A video of a little boy wearing a yellow T-shirt and blue shorts sitting closely and playing with the lions has emerged on social media.

Little boy playing with dangerous lions shocked netizens; video goes viral - gps
First Published Dec 12, 2022, 5:44 PM IST

 Whenever humans encounter wild animals in the open, there are possibilities of human-animal conflict. If these creatures leave their natural environment and enter residential areas, they must deal with situations that might trigger their behaviour changes. One cannot expect friendship or playful behaviour from these wild beings. However, a shocking video recently surfaced online showing a little boy playing with lions while sitting perilously close to the animal. 

An Instagram user named gir_lions_lover shared this video on social media. The video starts with a little boy massaging and playing with two lions. When the young boy places his hands inside the animal's mouth, instead of ripping it apart, the lion falls on his back adorably.

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At one point, the boy can be seen extremely close to one of the lion's faces. Also, the young boy playfully slaps the wild cats. However, throughout the video, the animals and the boy remained calm. There needs to be more information about the incident where this took place. 

The clip was posted on digital media last month (i,e November 16) and has collected more than 6258 likes and over 233,000 views. Social media users bombarded the comment section with mixed reactions. While some netizens found the video precious, others conveyed their anger using the enraged face emoticons.

A user wrote, "Arey is this really true can this happen... I am scared." Another person commented, "I hope that lion snaps at that kid! You can tell he's been taught to hit them. He's taunting it and then hits it. Serves him right if that lion attacks him." 

A few days back, a video of a woman standing next to a chained lion and petting it created ripples on the Internet. The footage showed the woman standing dangerously near a lion and petting the tethered animal in front of a cage. Also, a video of a woman taking a walk with three lions has taken social media by storm. The clip showed the woman walking around a jungle with three lions as if they were her pet dogs.

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