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Lion’s pride run for their life after the elephant herd approaches, watch

A video showing the herd of elephants approaching a pride of lions has emerged on social media. Take a look at how the lions reacted to the elephants.

Lions pride run for their life after the elephant herd approaches, watch - gps
India, First Published Apr 4, 2022, 3:26 PM IST

We all know that lions have earned the title of being the ‘King of the Jungle’. However, after watching this, you will be surprised to see how a pride of lions reacted to an approaching herd of elephants. Yes, lions are elephants' natural enemies. Even though lions try to make a distance from the wild elephants, they are very much capable of hunting one down. 

When it is about hunting down an elephant, lions beat lionesses at it, even though lionesses make more animal kills otherwise. It usually takes seven lionesses to kill an elephant, but just two males can do the same job. Even a single male can conquer a young elephant. However, it is challenging for a whole pride of lions to hunt a young and vulnerable elephant travelling with its herd. 

A viral video shows a pride of lions including sub-adult cubs sitting on a grassland. They suddenly start running when a heard of wild elephants approaching them. At first, the sub-adults make a run for their life followed by the lioness. At the end, the lion gets up and runs too. The video then shows the wild elephant moving in along with the baby elephants. It is no secret that a wild elephant and lion encounter can often become risky and lethal.

The video was shared by ‘Animal Coterie’ who posted it  with the caption, "Wait for them." After being shared on social media, the video has garnered over 41,000 views. Netizens found this clip so funny that they expressed their opinions in the comments section.  

A user wrote, "Jab hathiya jhund ke sath aate hai tab jungle ka raja v mut deta hai." Another person commented, "Where is the King of jungle."

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