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Alligator jumps out of water to grab an unusual prey; video amazed netizens

A viral video shows an alligator bouncing out of the water to catch a drone filming it. The reptile was disturbed by the noise coming from the drone.

Alligator jumps out of water to grab an unusual prey; video amazed netizens - gps
First Published Dec 23, 2022, 5:52 PM IST

In recent times, the use of drones has tremendously increased. Several photographers and videographers use the device to capture mesmerising mother nature and beautiful aerial views. Remember, drone photography and videography are excellent ways to film wildlife. 

However, utilising modern gadget to grab animals also lead to some unpleasant circumstances, as filming them in their natural habitat might disturb them. In one such attempt, an alligator caught a drone in mid-air while it was busy recording it.

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Twitter user H0W_THlNGS_W0RK shared this video with the caption, "Using drones to capture wildlife video footage (sic)" The 12-second-long video starts with a drone hovering over a waterbody. Moments later, a curious alligator starts following it. Witnessing the situation, the drone operator lifts the device. On the other hand, the gator was disturbed by the noise coming out of the widget. While the drone was hovering around it, the alligator unexpectedly leapt in the air and caught the drone in its mouth.

After being shared online, the video accumulated over 1.1 million views and 33.8K likes. Netizens were undoubtedly captivated by the video and expressed many hilarious comments. The video also sparked an online debate over using drones to record wild animals.

A user wrote, "if it is true, then blades would have hurt the alligator" Another person commented, "Headline update: Using nature to capture drones is a fun day away from work for some." A third user wrote, "Wildlife captured the drone  Lesson from this video: give some privacy to animals."

This is not the first time an alligator caught a flying drone. Numerous videos on social media will show the exact moment of the crocodile biting the unusual prey with its mouth. Take a look.

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