V Narayanasamy submitted his resignation as the Congress-DMK government lost the majority in the Assembly. Chief Minister V Narayanasamy had the support of 11 MLAs in the Assembly where 14 is the majority mark.

“Myself, ministers, Congress and DMK MLAs and independent legislator have tendered resignation and sought it to be accepted,” Narayanasamy said after submitting resignation to lieutenant governor Tamilisai Soundararajan.

“The speaker's ruling is incorrect. BJP govt at the Centre, NR Congress & AIADMK have succeeded in dislodging our govt by using voting power used by 3 nominated members. This is murder of democracy. People will teach AIADMK and BJP a lesson soon,” he added.

With a flurry of resignations, the coalition government’s strength had come down to 11 against opposition’s 14 in the 33-member House. The government had slipped into minority last week following the resignation of Congress MLA John Kumar. On Sunday, Congress member K Lakshminarayanan and DMK’s K Venkatesan resigned from the assembly. Lakshminarayanan said the government lacked majority in the wake of the spate of resignations while Venkatesan hit out at the administration for not providing funds to meet people’s requirements.

Narayanasamy-led government lost the trust vote during the floor test to prove its majority in the Assembly.

Soon after, Puducherry BJP state president V Saminathan lashed out at V Narayanaswamy. Addressing a press conference, he said: 

·         Puducherry’s worst govt - One of the worst chapters of Puducherry history has come to close today. With the resignation and collapse of Congress/DMK Narayanaswamy-led government

·         65 years Congress dynasty has ruled Puducherry - People trusted them again and again and voted for them. But instead of development and prosperity, people have suffered and always been exploited by these corrupt dynasty parties.

·         Last 5 years state finances have been looted and destroyed. Money meant for people for jobs, rations, health, roads, education, children - all have been looted. Yesterday, we saw how people had to suffer due to rain. During Rahul Gandhi's visit, poor women complained about suffering during the cyclone.

·         A culture of corruption and exploitation is the only thing that Congress and DMK have given instead of development and helping people. People of Puducherry will teach them a lesson in the coming elections.

·         Puducherry needs a new era, new government, new culture of public service, new vision and leadership.

·         On Feb 25, we look forward to receiving PM Narendra Modi - who is an example to the world and India for his hard work, corruption-free, dedication to serving people and growing India. In the 2021 budget he has provided many schemes and projects that can help Puducherry like fishing hubs, textile parks, one nation one ration card, infrastructure.

·         We will not try and form a government at this stage. With people’s blessings in the forthcoming elections and under PM Modi’s leadership, NDA will form government with BJP and its alliance partners NRC, AIADMK in May and build a new bright future for people of Puducherry.

BJP MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar too called Narayanaswamy government - the worst in the history of Puducherry.