As stringent security measure for the welfare of its customers, taxi service providers Ola and Uber said that they would be blacklisting rash drivers and those misbehaving with the passengers.

According to statistics, an average of 500 drivers are being blacklisted per day in greater Hyderabad limits. However, bringing more clarity to the issue, authorities said that they are blacklisting drivers as well as customers.

The spokesperson, speaking to the Deccan Chronicle, said, " Whenever customers complaints against drivers, we withdrew his services from our App till he visits our office. Once we get an explanation from the driver, we release him from the blacklist. If the allegations prove against a driver, he will be in blacklist from 15 days to one month. In cases of physical harm to drivers with criminal intention, frauds during payments and regularly cancels cabs after booking, we put such customers in blacklist."

However,  Syed Nizamuddin, the president of Telangana State Cab and Bus Operators’ Association believes that there is a well-thought out plan behind the move. “About 73,000 cabs in GHMC limits are with either Uber or Ola of which the cab managements use only 50,000 as per the demand. The remaining 23,000 will always be in reserve of which majority of cabs are belonging to blacklisted drivers. To avoid demand of trips from drivers against actual number of trips, the cab managements take advantage of complaints from customers to put drivers in blacklist/reserve. During summer and heat waves, cab managements are insisting surge charges apart from the actual fare charges between 12pm and 4pm."