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WhatsApp update: Here's how you can enable passwordless login feature

WhatsApp is taking a significant step forward in enhancing the security and user experience of its Android application by introducing passwordless logins.  Here is how to enable the option.

WhatsApp update Here is how you can enable passwordless login feature gcw
First Published Oct 17, 2023, 3:46 PM IST

By adding a passwordless login option, WhatsApp is significantly improving both the security and user experience of its Android application. With the help of this functionality, Android users should be able to say goodbye to the sometimes unreliable and occasionally bothersome two-factor SMS authentication. With this change, WhatsApp hopes to improve security and speed the login process by enabling users to unlock their accounts using a PIN, fingerprint, or face.

WhatsApp announced through X (previously Twitter) that it was switching to a safer and more user-friendly authentication process. This functionality, which WhatsApp has been testing in the beta version, is now scheduled to be released to all Android users. Regretfully, there is currently no official word on when iPhone users will be able to access WhatsApp passkeys.

In order to streamline the login process for millions of users, passkey functionality for Android will be rolled out progressively over the next weeks and months. Because passkeys rely on the strong authentication mechanisms built into your device, they present a strong substitute for standard passwords.

Here's how to activate WhatsApp's new passkeys feature as soon as you get it, even if the functionality hasn't been released to all smartphones worldwide yet.

  • Open the settings menu on WhatsApp.
  • Press "Account."
  • Choose "Passkeys."
  • Click on "Create a passkey."
  • Go over the educational popup that explains how the passkey works.
  • Press "Continue."
  • You'll receive a message from Google Password Manager requesting you to set up a WhatsApp passkey.
  • To enable logging in using the screen lock feature on your phone, select "Continue" and then "Use screen lock". You may now see your WhatsApp passkey displayed for your reference.

Apple and Google are among the companies who have already adopted this technology and are providing passkey support to their consumers. With an emphasis on the increased speed and security that passkeys offer over standard passwords, Google in particular has been aggressively urging its customers to make the move. Google claims that passkeys use a particular kind of encryption that improves security and are around 40% quicker than regular passwords.

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