Google and Levi's are working on a smart jacket. Yes, we are talking about the popular project Jacquard. Finally, the jacket will be available on Levi' starting 2 October for a price of $350 which is approx Rs 22,800.

The Project Jacquard denim jacket features a touch-sensitive sleeve that can control your smartphone with taps and swipes. It will let users, especially cyclists, stop/pause music using simple gestures, reports TheVerge.

Levi's has said that its smart clothing is different from other similar products, but others are making devices while the company is out to make a garment. After all, you want a cloth that can serve as a device, rather than the other way around. However, at the launch, the capabilities are said to be limited.

Project Jacquard, unlike some of Google's other weird yet ambitious projects, haven't met the ill-fate and it is nice to see that the product is already out.

Project Titan is dead! Project Ara is dead! Smart Glass is dead! Project Verily is dead (we think)! We haven't heard about the new eye-wear project dubbed Aura for a long time. Nest is embroiled in an internal battle with its inability to produce a new product, public mud-slinging and finally the chief stepping down. All in all, things aren't going great at the fun side of Google. There's Google’s Project Jacquard that has been pinning its hope on Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket and Owlet Smart sock, among others.

So, it is nice to see the Project Jacquard finally turning into reality. However, now it is to be seen if the smart clothing trend will woo audiences.