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Gmail is ready to release BIGGEST update in a bid to curb spam mails

 Gmail has worked extensively on improving the detection rate for spam mails which the company claims is now 38 per cent better. Google is advancing its detection methods to match the capability of spammers who use invisible characters and keyword stuffing at times to evade Gmail’s spam detection systems.

Gmail is ready to release BIGGEST update in a bid to curb spam mails gcw
First Published Dec 6, 2023, 12:00 PM IST

Gmail users have received one of the most crucial security patches in years, which appears to avoid the most serious concern for users. The email platform seeks to reduce the amount of spam mail that reaches your inbox, and this upgrade appears to be making significant progress in that regard. Gmail has worked hard to improve the detection rate for spam emails, which the firm claims is now 38% better.

However, how does this convert into real-time detection and fewer spam emails arriving in the user's inbox? Google is improving its detection tools to match the capabilities of spammers, who exploit invisible characters and keyword stuffing to avoid Gmail's spam detection systems at times.

Google is now building the tech that enables Gmail to read into a spammer’s mind and pick up their tricks instead of raising any alarm. Google is using RETVec (Resilient & Efficient Text Vectorizer) to filter the spam mails that looks to reduce the false detection of such mails.

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The intriguing aspect of RETVec is that Google claims to have thoroughly tested the technology under adverse conditions over the past year, and the results have given them the confidence to use it on a bigger scale. Google's new spam detection technology is compatible with online, on-device monitoring, and other use cases. 

Google intends to address the problem of spam emails in a variety of ways. According to reports, Google is adding a new unsubscribe button to the Gmail Android app, making it easier to opt out of spam emails.

The Gmail unsubscribe button functionality is not yet generally accessible, and there is no word on whether it will be available on iOS devices.  As per reports, the Unsubscribe button will be located next to the sender’s information, and tapping on it will unsubscribe you from future emails.

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