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Apple CEO Tim Cook shares important lessons that Steve Jobs taught him

Tim Cook took over the reigns at Apple many years back and he has continued to take the company to new heights with a different strategy. In a recent interview, Cook opened up on these lessons that have helped the Apple CEO to become a leading force in the industry.

Apple CEO Tim Cook shares important lessons that Steve Jobs taught him gcw
First Published Nov 21, 2022, 9:55 AM IST

With Tim Cook in charge, Apple has continued to expand, but it would be difficult to deny the effect and lessons Cook has learned during his time working for the firm under Steve Jobs. Cook discussed these lessons that have enabled him to become a dominant force in the sector in a recent interview.

"The joy is in the journey," he claimed that Steve Jobs had taught him. "I used to always plan for the future and sort of postpone my enjoyment till the next thing happened. Of course, nothing ever happens after that. However, he showed me that the fun is in the trip," he added.

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Cook has already cited Jobs as one of his finest instructors. The iPod, iPhone, and iMac come to mind as examples of Apple devices that have been at the forefront of technical advancements. The corporation, which has grown to be worth a trillion dollars, was on the verge of bankruptcy at one point in its history when Jobs returned to save his business.

Cook has taken over the firm from Jobs and assisted Apple in continuing its innovative path while also ensuring that the company's financial position is secure. The most recent line of products shows that Apple is aware of its standing among customers and is certain that a product will sell and that the price won't be an obstacle.

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Apple's iPhone prices have gone well over the lakh threshold, and iPad costs are also much above this threshold. The price of a MacBook has increased to Rs 3 lakh. As seen by Apple's average selling price margins over the previous few years, all these developments have enabled the company to profit more from each product.

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