Watch: Here's how Rashid Khan responded to champagne

sports | 27 May 2018 10:34 AM (UTC)
Ajay Joseph
  • 1. Rashid Khan celebrates the victory by cutting the cake.
  • 2. He is a religious person too and refuses to celebrate with champagne

After the outstanding performance showcased by Rashid Khan against Kolkata Knight Riders, he once again wins the hearts of cricketers.


In this video going viral on social media, Rashid Khan refused to take the champagne. The reason why he refused to take the champagne is that Rashid Khan is a follower of Islam and in their religion, he is not allowed to promote or endorse alcohol.

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  • Sudhir Roshan
    2018-7-19 | 07:07:46
    Nice to see his approach towards handling the stardom. His story coming from a country where no one expected is really appreciable. I'm myself impressed with his performance and career records so far.

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