Though Kolkata lost the match, Manish Pandey won many hearts, and he scored 81 runs off 47 balls and remained not out in the match against Mumbai Indians. However, the magic which happened in the 20th over gave the Kolkata team 18 runs in just 2 balls, courtesy Manish Pandey.


Kolkata was in stress, and Manish Pandey was on the batting end and the 20th over began with Mitchell McClenaghan ready at the bowling end. The first ball of the last over which came from the off stump was a sixer. McClenaghan was not happy but the second ball of the over was a no-ball, however, Manish took the chance and hit the ball to the boundary. Thus with four runs, the Kolkata team got one extra ball and a free hit. The next ball too was sent straight to the pavilion (sixer). Thus with the scoreboard showing just two balls from the over the Kolkata team had scored 18 runs!


However, though the KKR team was successful in amassing 178 runs but lost the match as they couldn’t beat the Mumbai Indian’s score of 180 runs.