The good news has arrived for all the gaming enthusiasts and Indian football team fans from EA games officials. Indian Football team will be assigned higher ratings in the upcoming FIFA 18 game which will release in September.

Yes. You heard it right. Indian team which has been playing well has won the hearts of FIFA officials who felt that there is a need for giving a new spot for the Indian team.

As reported by Sportskeeda, Sunil Chhetri will become the first Indian to cross the 70 rating barrier in FIFA.

"In all likelihood, Sunil Chhetri will be getting a rate of 73, I'm not sure whether that is the highest for an India, but as long back as I can remember its up there as the best,” said a source close to Sportskeeda.

Indian team showed up for the first time in the franchise of EA Games when EA launched FIFA: Road to World Cup 98.

This year the team’s overall rating will be boosted to 2.5, a margin that they have never crossed before.

The recent victory against Myanmar is one of the reasons for the Indian team to catch the attention throughout the world. It propelled them to their highest world ranking, 100. India was ranked 135 last year.