Former chief ministers Yeddyurappa, DV Sadananda Gowda and Jagadish Shettar never visited the district during their tenure as they did not want to lose power by any chance.


Siddaramaiah is known for his anti-superstitious beliefs and he not only visited the district after becoming CM but also launched various schemes for the people of Chamarajanagar. 


This act of Siddaramaiah was lauded by many writers and his supporters. However, with his son's death in July, his close-aid and former minister Srinivas Prasad quitting the party and joining BJP and now the death of his close-aid minister Mahadev Prasad on Tuesday is being perceived as the result of the Chamarajanagar jinx.


Daivagna KN Somaiayaji, an astrologer said, there are places which have a historical reason behind the curse. Any ruler will face problems if he or she visits such places without taking any precaution like special poojas and spiritual solutions!


"Siddaramaiah had ignored the warning, he just visited the district without performing any poojas. He lost his son, his best friend turned his political enemy and now he lost another good friend. His popularity is at stake," said Somaiayaji.


Another astrologer said, in the past CM Yeddyurappa, DV Sanadanda Gowda and Jagadish Shettar did not visit Chamrajnagar and only monitored the development programmes through officials. Now that Siddaramaiah has visited, his position is too at stake as his ministers are seen involved in one or the other controversies.


But time and again, the predictions of such astrologers have been proved wrong, including the ones on end of the world in the year 2000. Lakhs and crores of people have lost their sons and loved-ones. Did even they visit Chamarajanagar district?


However, the theory that any ruler visits the district loses power needs some more time to be proved either wrong or right. Let us not speculate things and wait and see if the jinx really exists!