Thus as people’s opposition to Sasikala becoming the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister is getting intensified, Sasikala is trying to clear the airs before the swearing-in ceremony, scheduled for Tuesday morning.


But there is one person having the laugh with increasing opposition to Sasikala. That is none other than MK Stalin of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK). Sasikala’s last weapon to get Doctor Richard Beale, who treated Jayalalithaa in her last days on her days in the hospital and the illness she was suffering from has also boomeranged. People are furiously asking why the doctor has come out now after two months of Jayalalithaa's death.


Instead of clearing the air, it looks like Dr Beale’s press conference has had a negative impact and people are connecting the press conference to Sasikala’s emergency-like swearing in.


Even if Sasikala becomes the chief minister, she will have to contest the election and win, within six months of her swearing in to continue in the seat. Growing dissent to this inside AIADMK and among the public is surely good news to DMK leader Stalin.


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In fact, he has much more experience in the political front than Sasikala. It is the golden time for Stalin to establish his impression among the people and become the mass leader. Apart from being the part of DMK from a young age, he has also served as the Deputy Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu from 2009 to 2011; he was also the mayor of Chennai from 1996 to 2002.


His first stint in politics began when he was just 14, with campaigning in the 1967 elections. He was elected to the General Committee of the DMK in 1973, whereas, Sasikala is only known as the person who looked after Jayalalithaa’s household. However, she is rumoured to be the advisor to Jayalalithaa on her political decisions but was never in the forefront.


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Considering the practical difficulties, Sasikala is under the pressure of winning the election after six months of her swearing in if she wants to retain the post. But as she has not contested any election so far, selecting a constituency is going to be a tough decision. Though Usilampatti seems like the best option as it has most of the times supported the AIADMK whereas sent the DMK candidate to victory only once. But if the Usilampatti in Madurai Constituency people also has doubts about Sasikala’s role in the mystery over the death of Jayalalithaa and disproportionate case to add to her ‘credibility’, it will be a tricky Constituency to contest.


This time, Sasikala does not have any of her achievements to woo the people of Tamil Nadu. Instead, all that she can tell is that she was with Jayalalithaa till her last breath. Whereas Stalin does not need the sympathy factor to attract people. Instead, he can list out the failures of the AIADMK and the achievements of DMK and personally what he has done to the people of Tamil Nadu.



However, the urgent decision to make Pannerselvam step down has drawn flak. The fact during Jallikattu, Pannerselvam’s efforts to allow the sport to be conducted was appreciated, and he was being accepted as the AIADMK leader. When the issue of disproportionate assets cropped up against Sasikala, she grew insecure and might have thought if she doesn’t get to be the chief minister now, she has very bleak chances of getting it later.




This insecurity is one of the major reasons why the decision was taken in a hurry and Panneerselvam was asked to step down. If Sasikala gets convicted in the disproportionate assets case, her chances of becoming the chief minister are nil.


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 Thus more than what Stalin has done, negative wave against Sasikala will surely help Stalin. This is the golden time for him to stand up to the people of Tamil Nadu and he has more chances of getting accepted among the people than Sasikala.