Travellers without seatbelts are considered serious offenders in UAE. The traffic rules in the country entitle such offenders to pay a fine of Dh 400 fine and four black points on the license. While that is the severity of punishment that people fear, here's a traffic policeman who advocates the power of smile rather than a fine in these situations.

A cop from Ras Al Khaimah has gone viral on social media with a unique 'Buckle-up and drive campaign' where he alerts drivers for not using seatbelt with just a smile.

Sergeant Sameer Abdullah could be seen in the middle of a busy Dubai traffic, wearing a seatbelt himself and reminding drivers of two-wheelers and four-wheelers to buckle up. He is seen smiling and showing his own seatbelt whenever he sees an offender. When asked about the campaign, he says, " My 'Buckle-up and Smile' drive is meant to alert and urge violators to fasten their seatbelts while also applauding compliant drivers in a more friendly and acceptable manner."

A smile finds its way in heavy traffic in the UAE. Watch how!

While the campaign is unique in itself, it has left a positive impact on the drivers of UAE.  Col Ali Saeed Al Alkeem, Director of the Traffic and Patrols Department with RAK police, said that the campaign has left UAE with lesser traffic violators. People are willing to correct their mistakes willingly. It just takes a smile!

The one-month campaign was launched by the department of traffic police where policemen have been deployed on the roads to persuade the drivers to use seatbelts and promote their usage. In this one month, drivers will not be fined, but just be reminded of using their seatbelts while driving.

However, effective July this year, all passengers in a vehicle need to buckle up. Previously, only the driver and the passenger seated in the front were required to wear a seatbelt.