Using the colour black is the new trend in the food and beverage industry and Dubai’s restaurants aren’t lagging behind. SALT, the food truck that doles out delicious food is one of the first eateries to catch up on this global trend and this was evident when they introduced their new flagship idea- SALT BLACK during the pop-up in Dubai Design District recently.

The only thing that’s common to all the offerings on the menu is the colour black. The SALT BLACK truck includes blackened beef patties, black burgers, black ice cream, black get the idea.

The restaurant owners hope that their new concept will change the way food trucks operate. They believe that black coloured food will give food trucks aka restaurant on wheels a layer of sophistication.

A few weeks ago, pictures of black ice cream popped up on various Instagram feeds and set the trend as the new ice cream for summer. In New York, black ice cream has become extremely popular, leaving many to wonder how exactly foods acquire the colour black.

Food colouring, of course. These foods have activated charcoal in them but so far, it’s not clear if ingesting charcoal is beneficial for health.