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Weekly Tarot Card Reading: Predictions for November 21 to November 27

Renowned astrologer Chirag Daruwalla predicts what is in store this week for all Zodiac signs as per his reading of Tarot Cards. Here is his Tarot prediction for November 21 to November 27.

Weekly Tarot Card Reading: Predictions for November 21 to November 27 AJR
First Published Nov 21, 2022, 1:30 AM IST


Ganesha says do not try to make any kind of change in the way life is going on at present. Your thoughts are changing. Communicating clearly with family members will make it easier for you to get your thoughts across. The time is not beneficial for pursuing higher education. Difficulties may be faced due to final decision regarding marriage. Your efforts to improve health may be successful to some extent.

Auspicious Color:- Red
Auspicious number:- 3


Ganesha says time needs to be used properly. Not taking anything seriously can make you wander. Try to increase your concentration. There will be a need to take difficult decisions regarding career. Try to move forward by leaving behind the idle talk related to the relationship Stomach pain may be a problem.

Auspicious Color:- White
Auspicious Number:- 1

Gemini:- TEN OF CUPS

Ganesha says along with personal life, one will think about the happiness of the family. You may gradually see a change in the things that used to scare you so far. Don't make the mistake of jumping to any kind of decision. To maintain a good career one can get support from other person along with family members. Decision regarding relationship will be difficult at first. There is a possibility of increasing back pain problem.

Auspicious Color:- Yellow
Auspicious number:- 2


Ganesha says one has to try to keep the change in the situation right through will power. Even now, times may seem a little difficult. But through hard work it may be possible for you to get things done. Try to specialize in your field of work. Take everything related to relationship seriously. Stomach inflammation may be a problem.

Auspicious Color:- Green
Auspicious number:- 6


Ganesha says focusing on things other than work can make it possible to see one's responsibilities in a new light. You can try to stay connected with family people. Be careful not to injure yourself while solving their problems. Youth will get opportunities as expected. There will be a happy atmosphere due to the marriage of someone in the family. Women need to
maintain health awareness.

Auspicious Color :- Grey
Auspicious number:- 4


Ganesha says at the time of taking any kind of decision, one has to try to ease one's thoughts. Only then can it be possible to discuss with others. People may try to pressure you emotionally. There is a need to focus on every opportunity that comes with work. Things related to relationship can be seen complicated. Take care that sugar problem does not increase.

Auspicious Color:- Purple
Auspicious number:- 9


Ganesha says a solution to an old problem may be found, but there will be restlessness due to not having a complete solution. Don't lose your composure at all. Any decision made in haste can lead to regret. Today may be a day of trouble for people associated with banking sector. Due to getting help from partner, you may be disappointed about something. Leg pain may occur.

Auspicious Color:- Pink
Auspicious number:- 7


Ganesha says you will try to remove the dependence on other people. Also take care that loneliness does not increase within you. A few people will continue to support you and you will realize that these people are important to you. One has to try to understand everything related to career properly. It is necessary to communicate with each other to remove the dispute arising among the people of the family. Children's health may deteriorate suddenly.

Auspicious colour:- Saffron
Auspicious number:- 5

Sagittarius:- THE MOON

Ganesha says depending on the energy of the people around you, your mood may change. Try to complete important tasks yourself. There will be disturbance in the talks related to government works. Know both your expectations and capabilities before making a career change. One may face disappointment due to giving importance to other people more than the partner. Vomiting and indigestion may be a problem.

Auspicious Color:- Green
Auspicious Number:- 8

Capricorn:- THE TOWER

Ganesha says there is a possibility of minor or major damage due to an old mistake. But using the lessons learned, you will try to bring the situation under control. Small talk can hurt emotionally. Difficulties may increase due to politics going on at work place. Try to understand the reason for the suddenly arising difficulties in the relationship. Headache may occur.

Auspicious Color:- Red
Auspicious number:- 4


Ganesha says solving your situation will require a new perspective. Spiritually, because of the talks, reconciliation was achieved. Yes, try to make such things a part of life. Take a decision after fully understanding the things related to the stock market. There may be a positive change in your thoughts. Leg injury can cause problems.

Auspicious Color:- Red
Auspicious number:- 7


Ganesha says every kind of responsibility and work needs to be taken seriously. Present time will be beneficial for you. By using which one has to try to remove the problem of life. People connected with business sector will get great opportunity. Starting a new relationship will bring positivity in life. Stomach problem is likely.

Auspicious Color:- Blue
Auspicious number:- 6

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