Walid Riachy might have come from Lebanon, but he has always been active in the fashion world. Born and brought up in Lebanon, the young man has got his meteoric rise in the fashion world while he was in his own hometown. 

He understood that he can go a long way ahead in this field, hence soon headed to Dubai as it remains the hub for the fashion and modeling world. He started working in the fashion world and currently is engaged with one of the top modeling agencies in Dubai called Bareface Modeling Agency.

For Walid Riachy, Dubai proved a big boon and he made sure to leverage the opportunity he had with this place. He carried out a few iconic shoots including the work of the floating water luxury hotel. It remained critically and publicly acclaimed shoot for him. 

He can speak a couple of languages like Arabic, French and English, which helped him to get work and travel to many countries exploring the world of fashion and other things.

He has remained the part and parcel of many fashion shows, working with top brands for commercial and YouTube international ads.  Some of the known shows in which he participated, include Sinecode Arabia, Dp World Dubai, Mrs. India Fashion Show, Sustainable Fashion Show Dubai and The Queen Elizabeth II (QE2). He also worked in a Hollywood movie The Misfits with a renowned top actor like Pierce Brosnan. He played the character of The Lanky Guard. He is a model and an actor in Dubai and also travels for the same. In his free time, he loves to encourage and guide the young Arabs to embark upon the modeling world.