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Use these 5 Feng Shui tips to attract wealth at home

Feng shui can help in promoting the creation of an environment that attracts riches and prosperity. Here are a few Feng Shui suggestions to help you attract money into your home.

Use these 5 Feng Shui tips to attract wealth at home drb
Mumbai, First Published Dec 4, 2021, 8:00 AM IST
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Feng shui is an old Chinese philosophical concept that was devised to balance the chi or energy in the surrounding environment in order to promote luck and health. It is linked to Taoism. The skill of According to the old masters of Feng shui, the technique will not bring in money, but it will create a conducive atmosphere in your house and office for the forces of riches and prosperity to attract and strengthen. You must strive for financial success, and Feng shui can help you do so. Feng shui is a Chinese art that promotes good fortune, health, love, and, of course, riches. One of the best tactics for ensuring the passage of energies is to have some air-purifying plants. Here are some simple Feng shui techniques for attracting money energy into your home.

Clear out the clutter in your living space: We have a tendency to hoard things and avoid getting rid of even those we no longer need. It is critical to remove those items in order to promote the flow of energies and invite prosperity and opportunities. To attract money, try to keep your home and office clutter-free.

Include a water feature: Installing a water element such as a fountain in your home is another approach to encourage the energy of riches to enter your home. You can always hang a picture of flowing water if you don't want a water element in your home. Flowing water has a strong wealth energising effect. Ensure that the water in the image or water feature is clear and moving.

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Enhance the appearance of your entrance door: You must have a pleasant entrance to draw money into your home. Make sure the door is clean and shiny. You may also decorate the doorway with potted plants and a welcoming doormat.

Keep your kitchen clean: A clean kitchen enhances the passage of universal energy. So, clear out your kitchen, sweep the floor, and wipe off the counters. Also, check to see if your stove is clean. Organize your kitchen with organisers. This will bring money into your house.

Decorate your home with citrine crystals: Citrine crystal is used in feng shui to attract wealth. The crystal will bring money and prosperity to you if you place it on display. The gem can also be used to boost self-confidence. Pyrite is another rich stone. These crystals can be displayed or placed in your home's money area like a gem tree.

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