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How to deal with social anxiety? Here are 5 coping skills that can help you

Social anxiety is a common issue which is faced by many people. It can be challenging for you to interact or leave your house and socialise with others. Here are some coping skills that can help you out. 

How to deal with social anxiety? Here are 5 coping skills that can help you sur
First Published Dec 7, 2022, 2:27 PM IST

Social awkwardness is one of the most common issues people face daily. You are not alone if you feel anxious while interacting with new people or might find it tough to leave your house to socialise with others. Many struggles to step out of their comfort zone and overcome social awkwardness. But fret not! Today, we will share tips to help you overcome social anxiety. Let us take a look at them.

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Practice self-acceptance: The first and most important step in developing self-confidence is to realise your worth. Nobody will appreciate you until you do it for yourself. Instead of worrying about what other people will think about you, start speaking positively about yourself. Building confidence doesn’t happen overnight. It requires time and effort. But with a bit of practice and time, you can build it.

Your anxious thoughts are not true: I am not enough! People are not going to like me! I don’t know how to talk! These are just some anxious thoughts running through your mind that can give you a false narrative about yourself or the situation. Understand it is normal to feel this way when encountering a new situation, but you should believe in yourself will help you deal with any shyness or social anxiety holding you back.

Practise your conversational skills: The most common issue that can hold you back from interacting with other people, exploring different places, and feeling like you don’t know how to respond to others during a conversation. To become a good speaker, you must practise speaking to yourself in front of a mirror, which can build your confidence. 

Make eye contact: People who often feel socially awkward try to avoid making eye contact with the person during conversations. Eye contact during conversations is the best way to avoid awkwardness and give others the impression that you are not disinterested or rude. It would help if you made eye contact with people while interacting; this will boost your self-confidence and strengthen your bond with them.

Be kind to yourself: It is okay to be socially awkward. You should live up to the fact that you are tired or trying your best is essential, and you will slowly and gradually become a great conversationalist. Stop doubting yourself. Instead, start making little steps towards your growth.

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