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Do you think your partner is lying? Simple ways to deal with a pathological liar in a relationship

 If you have recently discovered that your partner has been lying to you without any reason and is not considered a white lie, these are signs that your partner is a pathological liar. Here are some ways you with it in your relationship.

Do you think your partner is lying Simple ways to deal with a pathological liar in a relationship sur
First Published Sep 28, 2022, 11:56 AM IST

It is not the usual white lie when you find out your partner is lying to you for any reason. This means you are dealing with a pathological liar. This pathological lying is also known as mythomania and pseudologia fantastica. It is a compulsive habit of lying. There is no particular reason some people have a habit of lying, but this can lead to personality or anti personality discords. If you have realised that your partner is a pathological liar, here are some ways to deal with it.  

Heart-to-heart conversation with yourself: you should have a conversation with yourself first and decide to you want to be a part of the relationship. It would help if you determined how the relationship will impact you mentally. You can make a pros and cons list and weigh the benefits. 

Keep calm: you mustn't lose your temper when you confront the liar. It cannot be easy, but it should be done. They will deny it, and it can be frustrating for you, but you must stay calm for a fruitful outcome.

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It's not me; it's you: you should remember that it is nothing to do with you. It would help if you didn't blame yourself for your partner's lie. It would help if you understood your partner's lying could be because of psychological conditions, low self-esteem or other reasons. 

No accusing: instead of accusing them, you should make them understand calmly about the situation. Try to make them know that it is making you unhappy. Instead, you will get better results if you confront them without accusing them. 

Don't encourage: you should not encourage a pathological liar basking them questions. This will not stop their lies, but they will come up with more lies in these situations. This, in one way, will be like you are encouraging them. 

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