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Angelina Jolie once refused to kiss Johnny Depp because of bad breath; here are tips to be kiss ready

Kissing is physical intimacy's first and most important part. It is always important to have good oral hygiene, especially when you are thinking of kissing your partner. But having bad breath or bad oral hygiene can be a major turn-off. Here are a few tips you can follow.   

Angelina Jolie once refused to kiss Johnny Depp because of bad breath; here are tips to be kiss ready SUR
First Published Sep 25, 2022, 4:41 PM IST

Kissing is the first thing we think about physical intimacy but doing it right is equally important. Many people don’t realise how important it is to maintain and take care of your oral hygiene. Having bad breath can ruin the moment for you. 

Actress Angelina Jolie refused to kiss Johnny Depp when they were filming for the movie “The Tourist” because of his foul breath. A few tips must be kept in mind to combat such a situation in real life for commoners. Read on to know more.

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According to a Twitter user, the actress Angelina Jolie did not want to kiss Depp until he used a mouthwash. Here is what the tweet read: “According to an insider, Angelina Jolie refused to kiss Johnny Depp in “The Tourist” at first because of his bad breath and poor personal hygiene. The actress had to beg him to use mouthwash.”

You can avoid these situations in your own life. Here are a few tips by which you can be kiss ready, win your partner's heart and share the perfect kiss with them. 

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Toothbrush/ mouth freshener/ mouthwash
Ensure you have brushed your teeth and used mouthwash or even a mouth freshener before kissing your partner. Your odour makes much difference and, in many cases, has even ruined relationships. No one likes terrible hygiene. There are many products you can buy in the market today. Be it mints, moth freshening sprays in different flavours, or even mouth fresheners.

Cracked lips 
You can use lip scrubs on your lip regularly to avoid cracked lips. Avoid peeling them, and drink plenty of water to prevent your lips from getting cracked. It is always unsettling to see someone with cracked lips, which can be a significant turn-off regarding kissing. So you can follow the tips to avoid it.  

Use lip balm 
Always keep a lip balm handy and can also be flavoured to enhance your experience. Wearing a lip can also keep your lips moisturised and soft. It also helps keep your lips healthy and protects them from the sun.

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Keep the mouth relaxed
Not many realise this, but it is essential to enjoy the kiss, and that can only be done when your mouth is relaxed. Don’t kiss too hard or force your partner. If you have doubts, do whatever your partner is doing. A good kiss involves both partners, and it can never be just one person enjoying it. But most importantly, it is essential to ask for their consent.

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