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Cotten sanitary pads can be the solution for rashes and infections; find out why

Periods are dreadful enough, the cramps, the mood swings and so on, But the most annoying part is experiencing rashes and discomfort due to sanitary pads. Here are some alternatives that can help you prevent them. 

Cotten sanitary pads can be the solution for rashes and infections; find out why sur
First Published Nov 3, 2022, 4:02 PM IST

Every month during the menstruation cycle, women should wear sanitary napkins and change them at proper intervals depending on their blood flow. But the long hours of wearing and changing pads can lead to itching, redness, swelling and even rashes owing to the pad's material, sweating, moisture and fragrance. These rashes can get worse because of continuous friction caused by sanitary pads, especially around the thigh region. Women might unknowingly be exposed to allergens from the chemicals used in sanitary pads and tampons. Bleach is used, which makes the pads look white, and acrylates are used, which helps the pads be more absorbent. When fully polymerised, they don't cause any reactions, but some sanitary pads may contain acrylate, which can lead to allergic reactions. The benefits of wearing cotton pads are endless. The fabric is gentle on your skin and absorbs sweat which means there is less friction and moisture that, leads that can avoid rashes. Wearing loose-fitting clothes helps in better air circulation and can keep it dry.

Choose the correct pad: The market is filled with various sanitary pads. However, it is essential to avoid falling for marketing gimmicks and choose something that suits your skin and your requirement. The utmost quality of a good sanitary pad is that it should be a quick absorbent with a soft outer layer. If you have sensitive skin and get rashes every time you get your period, it might be time to use cotton or organic pads. They are the solution for rashes as they don't contain any dyes or harmful chemicals. 

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Use menstrual cups: If your skin is more sensitive, consider switching to menstrual cups. Besides helping prevent rashes, these cups can also hold more blood than tampons and sanitary pads.

Use soothing creams to help treat the rashes: It is advisable to use specific creams to help soothe rashes. You can use lotions like calamine to soothe the rashes or vaseline petroleum jelly. If the inflammation does not improve after you stop using the sanitary napkin for a few days, it is advisable to consult your doctor.

Keeping your intimate area dry: Keeping the intimate area dry and clean anytime can't be undermined. According to experts, you should ensure that the appropriate pH level of the vagina is generally between 3 to 4.5. An average pH level acts as a defence against bacterial growth.

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