Beijing: While China continues to battle the deadly epidemic coronavirus, several heart-wrenching videos and pictures from the country have been emerging showing the difficult time people are going through.

In a heart wrenching video that is doing the rounds on social media, is of a nurse who is treating coronavirus patients consoling her sobbing daughter with an air hug outside the hospital. 

The video has gone viral and people are emotional as well. 

In the 49-second clip shared by New China TV, the nurse can be seen wearing protective clothing, a facemask and stands several metres away from her daughter as the young girl sobs and says: “Mum, I really miss you.”

In response, the mother replies, “Mum misses you too, let me give you a hug,” before reaching out and miming a cuddle. When the girl asks if her mother can “come home sooner”, she tells her that she is “fighting a monster” and as soon as the virus is defeated, “mum will be home”. 

The healthcare professionals in China treating coronavirus patients are not allowed to get into direct contact with other people as there is a fear of transmission of the virus.

Watch the heart-touching video here: 


The nurse is treating patients with coronavirus in a hospital in Henan Province.

The video has been viewed over 13 lakh times since being posted. Several people took to comment section to react to the tearjerker video.