If you want to get abs like your favourite movie star then follow these simple and effective exercises, shared by Mike Jackson, nutritional consultant and physique transformation specialist. These exercises are designed to suit your busy lifestyle and will help you get abs that will be everyone’s envy.


Lie on right side of your body and rest your head on your right upper arms. Bend your knees in front of your hips. Stack your legs and place your left hand on your left hip. Now, keep your right leg on mat and lift your left knee and keep your feet together and hips square. Lower your body and repeat on both side.


Lie face down on the mat with hands at your sides, elbow bent and legs extended. Lift your chest off the mat while keeping arms bent. Now lift and lower your right leg, then left – moving from hips and not knees.

Tilted Frog

Lie face up on the mat with hands behind head and elbows bent out to sides. Bend your knees, crossing your feet at ankles and lift your legs over hips. Tilt the pelvis up and lift your head and shoulder off the mat. Now lower your head and hips while extending legs. Repeat, raising head and lifting hips.


Lie face up on mat with legs straight and arms extended above your head, next to the ears. Bring your arms forward, point your chin down, and slowly curl upper body up, reaching hands to toes. Slowly reverse the direction, bringing your upper body back down to the mat one vertebra at a time.

Sideline hip lift

Lie on your right side, knees bent, right elbow under your shoulder with forearm forward, forming a straight line from shoulders to hips. Lift your hips and bring your left leg to the height of your hip. Lower it and repeat it, by switching sides.

Spine Stretch

Lie face up with upper body over ball and knees bent. Extend your arms over your head, feeling the stretch in your chest and back.

Side Plank

Kneel with your right hand on mat, aligned under your right shoulder, with fingers pointing right. Straighten your left leg and place toes on the mat. Extend your left arm directly above your shoulder and keep your hips lifted and head in line.

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