The Kerala Assembly witnessed quite a few heated exchanges on Tuesday, during arguments over electricity minister MM Mani’s controversial statements about Pembilai Orumai, the women labourers’ collective in Munnar. However, slip-of-tongue moments from some prominent figures provided a few laugh riots to balance the mood.

Even CM Pinarayi Vijayan, who is usually calm and composed in front of the microphone, struggled to get his lines right on the day. While making a statement on the Munnar eviction drive, Pinarayi referred to Pappathichola, from where a cross was removed by the eviction team, as 'Chapathichola', much to the amusement of everyone gathered in the Assembly. "In Chapathichola... yeah, chapathi... no, it's Pappathi... In Papathichola...,” the CM corrected himself with a chuckle, after someone in the Assembly pointed out the mistake.

The Opposition also joined in on the act soon. While requesting permission for an adjournment motion, Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan, infamous for his gaffes, just couldn't get the name Pembilai Orumai right. The Congress leader fumbled with "Pennu", "Pengal", “Penmakal” and a few other similar words before settling on “Pembilai Eruma”, which saw even MLAs from his own party bursting out laughing.

The icing on the cake moment was provided by KC(M) leader KM Mani. Before staging his customary walk-out, the veteran leader declared “In protest of minister MM Mani not resigning, me and my party are ‘resigning’,” a statement that made the entire assembly laughing their heads off.