Actress Ansiba Hassan opens up about her marriage on Facebook

First Published 17, Sep 2017, 4:22 PM IST
Ansiba Hassan on Facebook photo marriage
  • A photo of actress Ansiba Hassan was widely circulated on social media
  • The post claimed that the actress, who is a Muslim, got married to a Hindu man
  • Ansiba responded that it is a still from a short film and the man in the picture acted with her

Celebrities, especially film stars, most often fall prey to cyberbullying and Ansiba Hassan, who became a household name in Kerala after playing the role of Mohanlal's daughter in the film Drishyam, is the latest victim. Marriage news of celebrities is a hot topic on social media and Ansiba has now come up with an explanation after a photo of the actress along with youth is circulating on Facebook. 

The photo was posted on the Facebook page of Right Thinkers group. The actress can be seen along with a youth wearing traditional Kerala dress and a garland made of 'tulsi' leaves. 



The title reads that only those who are ready to accept Ansiba Hassan and Murali Menon as human beings, without considering their religion, shall like the photo. Some users also commented that the actress got married to a Hindu in a traditional Hindu style marriage. Several users shared the image, and the comments went on about their religion and in the way they got married. 

Ansiba later came up with an explanation and said that she is still not married and is very much single. The actress also explained that the photo is a still from a short film which is acted long back.