Yeddyurappa revolts against Santhosh, asks party to 'keep him out of state politics'

First Published 25, Sep 2017, 9:48 AM IST
yeddyurappa complains against bl santhosh rss functionary
  • Yeddyurappa feels that Santhosh is emerging as 'parallel leader' in the state politics
  • This is not the first time that Yeddyurappa is lodging complaint against Santhosh to party high command
  • Yeddyurappa had earlier accused Santhosh of engineering dissidence against him in the party

There seems to be no end to internal conflicts in the State BJP. Now, party national president BS Yeddyurappa has yet again raised a banner of revolt against BL Santhosh, party's national joint organising secretary accusing him acting like a 'parallel leader' in the state party fold. The former chief minister has already complained to the party high command, Amit Shah that "Keep Santosh out of State politics or there will be no end to groupism in the party," reports Kannada Prabha, quoting a source.

Not many know that Santhosh was being hailed as he could be the Yogi Adityanath of Karnataka in the party's inner circle. This had caused a rift between Yeddyurappa and Santhosh, an RSS functionary as Yeddyurappa is being projected as the chief minister candidate of the party. Santhosh is a chemical engineering graduate and a native of Shivamogga. He is credited with playing a key role in the 2008 Assembly polls.

In fact, this is not the first time that Yeddyurappa is complaining against Santhosh. On an earlier occasion too, Yeddyurappa had accused Santhosh of engineering Eshwarappa's rebellion against him. There were reports too that Eshwarappa camp favours Santhosh over Yeddyurappa if the party wins a good margin in the elections.

It is reported that Yeddyurappa has told the party state in-charge and national general secretary P Muralidhar Rao that "I have no objection to Santhosh taking active role in the state politics. But he is favouring those who had rebelled against me once. In that case, it would be difficult for me to discharge my duties." The party State president has also expressed his dissatisfaction  that he was kept out while taking major decisions in the party by Santhosh. This has irked Yeddyurappa to a great extent, reports Kannada Prabha

Mincing no words, the former chief minister has reportedly said that "Let Santhosh do his job. But I should be informed about his roles and goals. Lest I will work on my own and this will mislead the party workers. The party cannot afford to suffer dissidence ahead of elections," is how Yeddyurappa has made his anger clear, according to Kannada Prabha.