On October 5, it is going to be the first month since journalist-activist Gauri Lankesh was gunned down brutally in front of house by unidentified miscreants. Though there seems to be no headway into the case, various media reports carried the sketches carried these sketches labelling them as Gauri Lankesh's killers. This evoked a lot of curiosity about the investigation.

In fact, the reports also gained strength after Home Minister repeatedly claimed that they were close to bringing the culprits (of Gauri Lankesh) to book. He recently claimed that "We know who the killers of Gauri Lankesh."



But, the investigating officer in the Gauri Lankesh murder, DCP MN Anucheth has out rightly rubbished these reports. "Those sketches were of killers of Prof MM Kalburgi and not of Gauri's killers. We have not released any pictures of Gauri's killers, so far. There is no connection to Gauri Lankesh's murder with these pictures," DCP Anucheth categorically told Suvarna News.

But questions arise why these sketches that the police claim to that of Prof Kalburgi is doing the rounds now?

Rationalist Prof Kalburgi was shot dead at his residence in Dharwad in 2015. It's been over two years, and the police are yet to make headway into the case. While the police have prepared the sketches of Prof Kalburgi's killers, they are nowhere near in brining those culprits to the book.

While the investigation into Gauri Lankesh murder is still on, Home Minister on repeated occasions has claimed that they were close in brining Gauri's killers to books. A few days ago, he even claimed that "We know the killers of Gauri Lankesh."  But DCP Anucheth is yet to confirm.

With DCP Anucheth clearly stating that the police did not release these sketches, there has been confusion among the public on why and how these sketches were released into the media. What could be the motivation behind the 'timely' release of these sketches? Are the police trailing suspected killers behind the rationalist killers in the Gauri Lankesh murder also? Questions like these hang in the balance until the investigation reaches a logical end in Gauri Lankesh's murder.